Fetovaia... once upon a time

Once upon the time, once upon the time....as goes an old song of this area, and even Fetovaia has its memories, memories of the sea, but also memories which have the taste of wine, of the good wine that was produced in large quantities on this part of the island.

The beach was not only a meeting point during the days spent with the family or friends, it was also a working place. Fishing was important for the few inhabitants of this small creek that could only be reached by sea, on horse back or with donkeys.

The work was hard like the granite that was extracted in this area, San Piero, Seccheto, Vallebuia, Fetovaia. Since the childhood, for most, the road was long and all remember along the path the noise of the chissels and hammers extracting the hard stones.

The granite blocks, sheets and columns were then transported by hand using strong ropes and wooden slides to the seaside where they were loaded on ships which carried them to the different places on the 'continent'.

The vegetation was nearly only mediterranean macchia vegetation. The grain, fruit and olive cultivations were rare and were sold on the markets of the nearby villages.