Beach of Le Tombe

Le Tombe's beach is one of the beaches placed near Fetovaia's creek; we can find it by prosecuting towards Pomonte, its first characteristic is that it's out of the classic beaches' circuit, thanks to the absence of a road.

It owes its name to some findings going back to Etruscan period and it's constituted by dark pebbles that raise notably the temperature of surrounding ambient.

It's surely one of the finest places you can see in the outskirts and it will offer the possibility to pass a day into an uncontaminated ambient, having like companions the sea and its inhabitants.

Useful information:

- Exposition South.
- Minimum suggested stop 1/2 day
- Absence of shadow (Beach-umbrella practically indispensable)
- Time necessary to arrive on foot 15 minutes from the provincial road
- Absence of any kind of resale
- Absence of Tim/Omnitel and other telephone signal