Beach of Aliva

Cala dell'Aliva would be, like its two neighbours, constituted by pebbles if it wasn't recovered almost for its totality by a thick blanket of Poseidonia that winter sea-storms extirpated from opposite soundings.

This fact in normal condition would make of it a beach with a very bad reputation, seeing that there are those herbs, often wrongly defined seaweeds.

But when August midday sun makes red-hot the surrounding area, Cala dell'Aliva, apart from the sea, becomes the only shelter for our feet.

It's destination of sailors that with their boats have the privilege to reach it without long walks, but giving up the show that the nature can offer when we arrive here by means of the steep path that goes down from Provincial road towards Pomonte.

Useful information:

- Exposition South-West
- Minimum suggested stop 1/2day
- Absence of shadow (Beach-umbrella practically indispensable)
- Time necessary to arrive on foot 15 minutes from the provincial
road Absence of any kind of resale
- Absence of Tim/Omnitel and other telephone signal